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From the DOME to your home

Bringing you on-demand recorded and LIVE classes to bring the DOME to your home studio.



Dear friends at Zynn. First of all thank you for enabling me to get on my bike every day and take a spin class. While obviously we would all prefer to enjoy the camaraderie and community spirit of riding together in the Dome, having the ability to ride in my home during these stressful times has been enormously beneficial to me personally in maintaining health, fitness and indeed sanity! Thanks again.

- FTW rider

The on line videos are great. I have take a class every day since I got my bike and have enjoyed each class with the various instructors I have taken so far. Keep those classes coming y’all!

- UPTN rider

I think my favorite part about the streaming service is the LIVE classes. What I miss most about the studio is energy from those around me and the live classes are a great way to emulate that.

- UPTN ride